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Your Local
Barbecue Joint

Finding a decent BBQ restaurant can be hard in this part of Ontario. Especially ones that serve homemade Halal food with fast, friendly service and a side of home feel vibes.

That’s why we started Val’s BBQ. 


Presenting You the Best Barbecue Restaurant in London, ON


The Tastiest Halal BBQ Dishes NEAR YOU 

From juicy lamb skewers and tender tandoori chicken, to mouth-watering wings and melt-in-your-mouth beef kebabs, everything we serve is made in-house. Craving a sandwich? Take a bite of our toasted bread, baked from scratch. Fancy some fries? Kick up the crunch with our creamy garlic sauce and homemade hummus.


Unlike some other barbecue joints in London, Val’s BBQ is family-run, which means you’ll feel right at home as soon as you step inside our restaurant. Between the hot and hearty food, our warm and welcoming service, and the crackle of the charcoal flames - eating at Val’s BBQ is like digging into dinner with your own family.


Food You Won’t Find Anywhere Else IN ONTARIO

It’s true — some of our customers travel all the way from Toronto just to eat our unique barbecue meat platters. Whether you’re grabbing takeout for the family, ordering delivery for a night in, or visiting London for the day, Val’s BBQ is your go-to spot for delicious “life changing” meals.

Not Your Typical Roast Chicken
Val’s Crowd Favourite

We handpick our chickens and keep them air-chilled to preserve the moisture in the meat. Then they’re seasoned and marinated overnight before getting slow-cooked over our charcoal grills. By the time it hits your mouth, the meat is practically sliding off the bone.

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See what’s cooking on our online menu.

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